Vancouver, BC – September 9, 2002 – Simba Technologies Inc. announced today that MIS AG, the leading European provider of business intelligence solutions, has shipped a new version of MIS Alea that incorporates a robust and powerful interface for OLE DB for OLAP connectivity built using the SimbaProvider for OLAP SDK.

SimbaProvider is the only SDK that allows software vendors to build an OLE DB for OLAP Provider on top of their database servers.

MIS Alea is a member of the MIS DecisionWare 4.0 product family that provides for business intelligence planning, reporting and analysis. By incorporating SimbaProvider into MIS Alea, MIS AG has provided the following two primary benefits to its customers.

Firstly, by leveraging the open connectivity associated with the OLE DB for OLAP standard, MIS AG has enabled MIS Alea customers to use business intelligence tools from other software vendors who support this standard. As a result, these customers will have a greater selection of business intelligence tools to choose from thereby ensuring they attain optimal value from their technology investment.

Secondly, by leveraging the XML product development activities of Simba, MIS AG will permit MIS Alea customers to convert their OLE DB for OLAP Provider into an XML for Analysis provider very easily in the near future. This conversion to XML for Analysis will allow these customers to employ a distributed web services query model that will allow them to leverage the capabilities of MIS products over the Internet.

SimbaProvider is the industry leading OLE DB for OLAP software development suite, enabling real-time, advanced analytics and decision support capabilities, to multi-dimensional enterprise data. For almost a decade, Simba has been the leader in advanced data access development technologies. Using SimbaProvider, Simba’s customers have created some of the most extensive and powerful database and analytical products and solutions in the world. SimbaProvider builds on the foundation of previous versions, allowing the development of OLE DB for OLAP interfaces to analytical and multidimensional data stores, exposing information to reporting tools and the web.

 About MIS AG

MIS AG is the leading European provider of business intelligence solutions and services. The Company’s software, MIS DecisionWare, delivers integrated solutions for budgeting, reporting, consolidation and analysis. Complementary consulting, training and support guarantee an optimal return on investment.

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 About Simba

Simba Technologies is the leading data access solutions company. Our products deliver data access solutions on various platforms including Windows and Linux and support multiple standard interfaces including ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, OLE DB for OLAP, and XML for Analysis.

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