Vancouver, BC – December 16, 2002 – Simba Technologies is pleased to announce that version 7.0 of its SimbaEngine product, SimbaEngine.NET, is to be release in January 2003. This product will incorporate an ADO.NET implementation that will allow our customers to build robust and reliable .NET Data Providers that can integrate with Microsoft Office XP.

SimbaEngine.NET is a software development toolkit (SDK) that opens any relational, non-relational data source or Line of Business (LOB) application to the .NET Platform direct or via a network. This best-in-class product permits rapid and cost-effective development of a high performance SQL-based .NET Data Provider.

SimbaEngine.NET offers a distinctive connectivity solution that enables enterprises to access, distribute, use and act on information that was previously locked away in non-accessible data sources. By employing SimbaEngine.Net knowledge workers can use familiar productivity applications to access and analyze data and to streamline business processes.

 Extend Any Data Source to ADO.NET

With SimbaEngine .NET you can create a fully functional, read-write .NET Data Provider mapped to your unique data source. Since all .NET applications are required to access data through ADO.NET, SimbaEngine.NET offers a cost-effective way to extend any relational or non-relational data source or Line of Business application to the .NET Platform.

 Rapid Development and Deployment

Using SimbaEngine.NET you can build a prototype .NET Data Provider in a few days and have an optimized commercial or enterprise-ready data provider ready within 1 to 3 months depending on your API. The SimbaProvider .NET solution incorporates HTTP and SOAP, which provides for ubiquitous communication over distributed networks. It also provides for service identification, Internet protocols and all the other capabilities that a .NET Data Provider needs to have. In addition, developers can now rapidly develop ASPX pages and use any .NET compatible language (Visual Basic, C#, VBScript, C++, etc.) to access the ADO.NET data source.

 Proven Quality Performance

SimbaEngine.NET technology has been used to develop data access solutions for leading software vendors and demanding enterprises because of its superior performance. Its robust SQL engine combined with a .NET data provider allow for high-performance connectivity to any data source.

“We have focused our development efforts on bringing SimbaEngine.NET to market to meet the expressed needs of the marketplace,” says Amyn Rajan, President and CEO of Simba Technologies Inc. “In doing this, we will enable our customers to develop .NET Data Providers that can easily integrate with Office XP to ensure that mission critical data is in the hands of information workers who can access, analyze and act on this information.”

 About Simba

Simba Technologies is the leading data access solutions company. Our products deliver data access solutions on various platforms including Windows and Linux and support multiple standard interfaces including ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, OLE DB for OLAP, and XML for Analysis.

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