Vancouver, BC – June 27, 1999 – Simba Technologies today announced the release of SimbaEngine 5.1, the latest enhancement in its industry-leading software development kit for opening proprietary data stores to standards-based front end tools. SimbaEngine 5.1 is the most complete database access toolkit available today, providing customers with speed to market, high performance, and support for all leading data access standards (ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB) in one box.

SimbaEngine 5.1 meets the need for highly optimized toolkits to get customers successful quickly. Explained Kirk Herrington, CEO of Simba Technologies: “Simba understands our customers’ requirement to get a prototype up and running quickly. Embedded database access systems are, as a matter of course, complex components in a total solution. SimbaEngine provides a very usable and efficient development framework which helps our customers succeed in their total project quickly and effectively.”

Customers such as ClustRa AS, providers of high availability real-time databases for the telecommunications market, report huge performance increases over native DBMS access solutions with SimbaEngine (SQL) data access solutions.

“ClustRa DBMS is deployed in mission-critical telecommunications applications, where performance is crucial to success,” explained Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd, ClustRa Product Manager. “We were very impressed with the performance we obtained from SimbaEngine 5.1. The additional features that SIMBA has added going from 5.0 to 5.1, like multi-threading, are extremely valuable for our customers. Performance, support for today’s commodity software tools, and Simba’s long history in opening proprietary databases via standards-based interfaces were key to ClustRa selecting SimbaEngine from Simba Technologies.”

Commented John Cryer, vice president of sales and marketing at Simba: “Customers understand that creating embedded software solutions is challenging, yet there is a very real expectation that despite the complexity of the task the software must be usable. SimbaEngine 5.1 addresses this customer demand, with the most complete standards-based database access solution available today. We are pleased to make our customers successful in an increasingly commoditized market as with toolkits that deliver on the promise of simultaneously high performance and usable software.”

 About SimbaEngine SDK

SimbaEngine is the world’s leading ODBC SDK, providing ISVs with proprietary data ODBC and JDBC connectivity to Windows and Java desktops, as well as the Web. SimbaEngine gives our customers the flexibility to deploy their developed drivers either as a desktop solution, using existing communications protocol, or as a Client/Server solution. SimbaEngine’s C/S SDK utilizes Simba’s ODBC and JDBC thin-clients to greatly reduce configuration on the desktop, provide easy centralized driver deployment and enhance performance. SimbaEngine’s software development toolkit enables developers to quickly and efficiently build a robust, architecturally-superior solution, enabling our customers to bring a high-performance, commercial quality ODBC driver to market quickly.

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