Vancouver, BC – February 5, 2003 – Simba Technologies is pleased to announce that version 3.0 of our SimbaProvider SDK is to be released in April 2003. This release will be a major product upgrade that will allow proprietary multidimensional database vendors to attain an XML for Analysis (XMLA) interface in addition to offering improved OLE DB for OLAP connectivity.

SimbaProvider SDK has been the Software Development Kit (SDK) of choice for building an OLE DB for OLAP data provider for multidimensional data, business logic-embedded data, hierarchical data, star-schema data, or other proprietary data formats. With thousands of hours of interoperability testing by many of the leading front-end and analytical application vendors, SimbaProvider SDK is the most widely used framework for developing open access to multidimensional data.

SimbaProvider for OLAP was designed specifically for independent software vendors and system integrators who already have multi-dimensional data or OLAP server data to exploit. Connecting to third-party data analysis products is critical for these vendors to remain competitive and to satisfy their customer’s demands for advanced data analysis capabilities.

Version 3.0 of SimbaProvider SDK has been extended beyond OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) to provide a complete implementation for XMLA. By extending the capabilities of SimbaProvider SDK to XMLA our customers can employ a distributed web services query model that will allow them to leverage the capabilities of their Business Intelligence products over the Internet.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be incorporating XML for Analysis capabilities into our SimbaProvider SDK as this emerging standard is gaining increased momentum in the marketplace. The central role that Simba Technologies is playing in the development and promotion of the XMLA standard has allowed us to acquire necessary insight and expertise to ensure we are able to provide our customers with a unique and meaningful upgrade in version 3.0”, says Amyn Rajan, President and CEO of Simba Technologies.

For more information regarding version 3.0 of SimbaProvider SDK please contact Simba Technologies at 604-633-0008, Extension 2.

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