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Magnitude Gateway Desktop Edition

Please select Gateway options and your desired adapters* below. The checkout process will send the license details to your provided account email and will give you the ability to manage your licenses.

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Java, Linux, Mac or Windows


Available Adapters

  • Salesforce Intelligent Adapter - $0.00
    Concur Adapter & Concur Drivers - $0.00
    Quickbooks Adapter & Quickbooks Drivers - $0.00
    Eloqua Adapter & Eloqua Drivers - $0.00
    PayPal Adapter & PayPal Drivers - $0.00
    Square Adapter & Square Drivers - $0.00
    SurveyMonkey driver with SQL connector - $0.00
    WooCommerce driver with SQL Connector - $0.00
    Twitter Ads driver with SQL Connector - $0.00
    Stripe driver with SQL Connector - $0.00

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    Next Steps

    You will receive an email with the links to download Magnitude Gateway and Adapters. Then, simply follow the install guide for Gateway Platform and add the selected adapters from within the Magnitude Gateway Settings application.

    *If a Gateway enabled adapter is not yet available for your data source, check our standard one-on-one drivers