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Simba JDBC Driver with SQL Connector for Google BigQuery 1.2.8
Installation and Configuration Guide

Using a Google Service Account

You can configure the driver to authenticate the connection with a Google service account. The service account can handle the authentication process so that no user input is required.

You must provide a Google service account email address and the full path to a private key file for the service account. You can download the private key file from the Google API console web page. For more information about OAuth authentication using a service account, see "Using OAuth 2.0 for Server to Server Applications" in the Google Identity Platform documentation:

To configure service account authentication:

  1. Set the OAuthType property to 0.
  2. Set the ProjectID property to the name of your BigQuery project.
  3. Set the OAuthServiceAcctEmail property to your Google service account email address.
  4. Set the OAuthPvtKeyPath property to the full path to the key file that is used to authenticate the service account email address. This parameter supports keys in .pl2 or .json format.

For example, the following connection URL authenticates the connection using a service account: