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Simba JDBC Driver with SQL Connector for Google BigQuery 1.2.12
Installation and Configuration Guide

Using a Google User Account

You can configure the driver to authenticate the connection with a Google user account.

You must provide your Google user account credentials to connect to the server. For more information about authenticating through OAuth 2.0 with a Google user account, see "Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs" in the Google Identity Platform documentation:

To configure user account authentication:

  1. Connect to the server using a connection URL written in the following format:
  2. jdbc:bigquery://[Host]:[Port];ProjectId=[Project];

    The variables are defined as follows:

    • [Host] is the DNS or IP address of the server.
    • [Port] is the number of the TCP port to connect to. Specifying the port number is optional if you are connecting to port 443.
    • [Project] is the name of your BigQuery project.

    For example:


    The driver returns a connection URL, and requests an access token.

  3. In a web browser, navigate to the connection URL, and provide your Google account name and password for authentication.
  4. The browser returns an access token.

  5. In the driver, type or paste the access token and press ENTER.