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Simba JDBC Driver with SQL Connector for Google BigQuery 1.2.0
Installation and Configuration Guide

Building the Connection URL

Use the connection URL to supply connection information to the data store that you are accessing. The following is the format of the connection URL for the Simba JDBC Driver for Google BigQuery:


The variables are defined as follows:

  • [Host] is the DNS or IP address of the server.
  • [Port] is the number of the TCP port to connect to. Specifying the port number is optional if you are connecting to port 443.
  • [Project] is the name of your BigQuery project.
  • [AuthValue] is a number that specifies the type of authentication used by the driver. For more information, see OAuthType and Configuring Authentication.
  • [Property1..N] and [Value1..N] are additional connection properties supported by the driver. For a list of the properties available in the driver, see Driver Configuration Options.


  • Properties are case-sensitive.
  • Do not duplicate properties in the connection URL.