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Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver with SQL Connector 2.3.2
Installation and Configuration Guide

Log Level

Key Name Default Value Required





Use this property to enable or disable logging in the driver and to specify the amount of detail included in log files.


  • Only enable logging long enough to capture an issue. Logging decreases performance and can consume a large quantity of disk space.
  • The settings for logging apply to every connection that uses the Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver, so make sure to disable the feature after you are done using it.
  • This option is not supported in connection strings. To configure logging, you must use the Logging Options dialog box.

Set the property to one of the following values:

  • OFF: Disable all logging.
  • FATAL: Logs severe error events that lead the driver to abort.
  • ERROR: Logs error events that might allow the driver to continue running.
  • WARNING: Logs events that might result in an error if action is not taken.
  • INFO: Logs general information that describes the progress of the driver.
  • DEBUG: Logs detailed information that is useful for debugging the driver.
  • TRACE: Logs all driver activity.

When logging is enabled, the driver produces a log file named simbamongodbodbc_driver.log in the location specified in the Log Path (LogPath) property.

If you enable the UseLogPrefix connection property, the driver prefixes the log file name with the user name associated with the connection and the process ID of the application through which the connection is made. For more information, see UseLogPrefix.

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