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SimbaEngine X SDK 10.1.11
SimbaClient/Server Developer Guide

SimbaClient for ODBC on Linux, Unix, and macOS

On Linux, Unix, and macOS, the SimbaClient configuration properties are stored in configuration files. There are three files where the different types of properties are stored:

Property Type Location


odbc.ini file


odbcinst.ini file

Simba Setting Reader

simbaclient.ini file

DSN properties

The DSN definition is stored in a text file called odbc.ini. The driver manager that you are using on the SimbaClient machine typically looks in the following locations for this file:

  1. $ODBCSYSINI/odbc.ini
  2. (Note that there is no leading period ".").
  3. $HOME/.odbc.ini
  4. >(Note the leading period "." in the name).
  5. /etc/odbc.ini
  6. (Note that there is no leading period ".").

The driver manager passes the configuration settings from this file to the SimbaClient.


Different driver managers may search different locations for the odbc.ini file. Use the correct location for your chosen driver manager.

To configure the DSN, use a text editor to edit the odbc.ini (there is no configuration dialog for Linux, Unix, and macOS).

In the odbc.ini file, each DSN has its own section that lists its configuration properties in the form keyword=value. Each section starts with the DSN name in square brackets and ends with the title of the next DSN or with the end of the file. For example:


Description=Sample 32-bit SimbaEngine SimbaODBCClient DSII





ServerList= 1543