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SimbaEngine X SDK 10.1.11
Developing Drivers for Data Stores Without SQL

Error Messages Encountered During Development

The following table lists some of the error messages you may encounter during the development and testing phases of your DSII. For a complete list of error codes and messages, see the files in [INSTALL_DIRECTORY]\DataAccessComponents\ErrorMessages\.

Error Message



Out of Memory

The SQL Engine did not have enough memory to complete the SQL command.

If your SQL statement results in an "Out of Memory" error, and you are using the SQL Engine, you may need to adjust how the SQL Engine uses memory. To resolve this error, try tuning the memory strategy as described in SQL Engine Memory Management. In particular, see the tip about DSI_MEM_MANAGER_THRESHOLD_PERCENT.

The license file <file> could not be found.

The Simba.lic license file is not in the correct directory, or you do not have a valid license.

Install the license file, or re-install it in the correct location. For information on installing the license file, see .

SQLDriverConnect returned: SQL_ERROR=-1

The Driver Manager cannot find or load the requested driver’s DLL. 

Make sure that your driver is installed correctly and that the DSN is correctly configured.

Specified driver could not be loaded.

The driver is missing some dependencies. 

Another possibility is that all libraries have not been compiled with the same bitness.  Check that your ICU, iODBC, and your DSII libraries are all the same bitness.

Try listing the dynamic dependencies of your driver and ensuring all the dependencies are available.

e.g.: ldd –d on Unix or use Dependency Walker on Windows.

Your evaluation period has expired. Please contact Simba Technologies Inc. at

Your license has expired. 

Contact Simba for support. 

Error file not found: <file>

The error message file is missing or the configuration value used to locate the file was not set.

Ensure the ErrorMessagesPath configuration value exists and is pointing at the correct directory containing the error message files.

On Windows, this configuration is in the registry at HKLM/Software/Simba/Driver and on other platforms it is found in the simba.ini config file.

The error message <message> could not be found in the en-US locale.

Same as above.


Incomplete Type

A template class, such as AutoPtr, AutoArrayPtr or AutoValueMap, is used as a reference to an incomplete type.

See .