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SimbaEngine X SDK 10.1.11
Developing Drivers for SQL-Capable Data Stores

Adding a DSN Configuration Dialog

You can add a custom dialog in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. This dialog is displayed when users click Add, Remove, or Configure. By using your custom dialog, customers can perform custom configuration of the ODBC connection without having to modify the Windows registry or by editing the .ini files on Unix or Linux platforms.

To create a custom DSN configuration dialog, implement the driver setup DLL API by implementing and exporting the ConfigDSN function:


HWND in_parentWindow,

WORD in_requestType,

LPCSTR in_driverDescription,

LPCSTR in_attributes)

You can implement this in the driver shared library, or as a separate shared library.


  • If you build the configuration dialog as a separate DLL, we recommend changing the extension from.dll to .cnf, as this is conventional practice.
  • The QuickStart sample project provides an example of implementing ConfigDSN and exporting it from within the driver DLL.

To get your setup function recognized by the ODBC Data Source Administrator, you must add the Setup key to your driver’s entry in ODBCINST.INI in the registry. For an example of adding the Setup key, see C++ Packaging for Windows in the SimbaEngine SDK Deployment Guide.

For more information on creating a DLL, refer to the Setup DLL API Reference and the Installer DLL API Reference Function in the Microsoft ODBC Programmer’s Reference.