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Simba Spark ODBC Driver with SQL Connector 2.6.9
Installation and Configuration Guide

Using Windows Azure HDInsight Service

This authentication mechanism is available only for Spark Thrift Server on HDInsight distributions. When you use this authentication mechanism, you must enable SSL, and HTTP is the only Thrift transport protocol available.

To configure a connection to a Spark server on Windows Azure HDInsight Service:

  1. Set the AuthMech connection attribute to 6.
  2. Set the HTTPPath attribute to the partial URL corresponding to the Spark server.
  3. Set the UID attribute to an appropriate user name for accessing the Spark server.
  4. Set the PWD attribute to the password corresponding to the user name you typed above.
  5. If necessary, you can create custom HTTP headers. For more information, see http.header..
  6. Configure SSL settings as needed. For more information, see Configuring SSL Verification.
  7. Choose one:
    • To configure the driver to load SSL certificates from a specific file, set the TrustedCerts attribute to the path of the file.
    • Or, to use the trusted CA certificates PEM file that is installed with the driver, do not specify a value for the TrustedCerts attribute.