This article lists the files that need to be redistributed for a 32-bit ODBC driver on Windows built using C++.

For a 32-bit ODBC driver built using C++, the following files need to be included:

– simbaicudt38_32.dll
– simbaicuin38_32.dll
– simbaicuuc38_32.dll
– The appropriate run-time redistributables, see
– Your native driver DLL
– Any dependencies of your driver

If you are building as server, then you will also need the following 32-bit files:

– libeay32.dll
– ssleay32.dll

Note that for some files, the 32- and 64-bit versions have the same name so you should ensure that you use the 32-bit versions of these files.

You will also need the following error messages files:

– ODBCMessages.xml
– SQLEngineMessages.xml   (Only if you are using the SQLEngine with your driver)
– ServerMessages.xml   (Only if you are building as a server)
– CSCommonMessages.xml   (Only if you are building as a server)

Note that you should include the appropriate error message locales for your driver.