This article lists the files that need to be redistributed for the 32-bit SimbaClient for ODBC driver on Windows.

For the 32-bit SimbaClient for ODBC driver, the following files need to be included:

 – simbaicudt38_32.dll
– simbaicuin38_32.dll
– simbaicuuc38_32.dll
– libeay32.dll
– ssleay32.dll
– The appropriate run-time redistributables, see
– SimbaClient.dll
– SimbaClientConfig.cfg
– SimbaClientConnectionDialog.dll

Note that for some files, the 32- and 64-bit versions have the same name so you should ensure that you use the 32-bit versions of these files.

Also, depending on how you are branding the SimbaClient for ODBC driver, you may have replaced the connection and configuration dialogs. In that case, you should redistribute those files instead of the standard files.

You will also need the following error messages files:

– ClientMessages.xml
– CSCommonMessages.xml
– ODBCMessages.xml

Note that you should include the appropriate error message locales for your distribution of the client.