This article lists the files that need to be redistributed for the SimbaClient for ADO.NET provider

ADO.NET is bitness agnostic, so the same files will be deployed in all scenarios.

For the SimbaClient for ADO.NET provider, the following files need to be included:

– Simba.ADO.Net.dll
– Simba.ADO.Net.DDEX.dll
– Simba.DotNetDSI.dll
– The appropriate run-time redistributables, see
– Simba.DotNetClient.dll
– Simba.DotNetCommunications.dll
– Simba.DotNetMessages.dll
– Any of the relevant Simba.DotNetDSI.resources.dll and Simba.DotNetDSIExt.resources.dll files for the appropriate locales for your driver.

Note: that the Simba.ADO.Net.DDEX.dll file is only required if you wish to be able to use your provider via Microsoft Analysis Services, Visual Studio, and Reporting Services.