Sometimes you need more than you can do with our products alone. Our services offerings support your data connectivity efforts by developing a custom driver to meet your specific needs or testing to validate a driver you have built.

OEM Development

You have a unique data connectivity need and your team lacks the bandwidth or expertise to build it on their own. Magnitude Engineering Services can help. We work with you to create custom connectivity solutions that fit your unique requirements so you can focus on your customers.

Stay focused on your core business – and rely on us for your connectivity needs.

Certification & Testing

You’ve built your driver; now you want to validate its performance. You can test all you want in-house, but for true objectivity and real-world conditions, you need a reliable resource to help. Our Certified-for-Tableau ODBC Driver Program lets you validate that the ODBC drivers you’re building with the SimbaEngine ODBC SDK® work with Tableau Software®, the leading data analytics solution.

You build the driver. We test, recommend, review and validate.