Validate your custom ODBC drivers for Tableau Software®

You build with the best, you analyze with the best, and now you’re guaranteed to connect with the best. Our Certified-for-Tableau ODBC Driver Program lets you validate that the ODBC drivers you’re building with the SimbaEngine ODBC SDK® work with Tableau Software®, the leading data analytics solution.

You build the driver. We test, recommend, review and validate.

Submit your driver for review and our data engineering experts will review your code, assess if (and how well) your custom ODBC driver works with the leading data analytics solution. Our experts will then provide a detailed assessment of your driver’s compatibility with Tableau. If your driver does not pass initial validation, you can remediate and resubmit for additional evaluation*.


*Extra charges may apply based on your initial agreement

Five validation assessment components:

  1. Personalized Tableau Data-connection Customization (TDC) file template for SQL engine optimization
  2. TDC File Creation Guide and related documentation
  3. Test certification performed by Magnitude’s connectivity engineering team (Simba experts!)
  4. Results detailing test run, pass/fail criteria, and assessment
  5. Installer optimization (delivered as an added-value component of the SimbaEngine SDK consulting agreement)

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