Decrease time-to-market, reduce costs and bolster product quality with expert integration & certification services.

Whether you’re looking to augment your expertise or testing staff for connectivity (driver) testing, or validate your custom ODBC drivers for Tableau Software®, Magnitude’s Simba team can speed time to market and reduce your cost of ownership for delivering your applications to market with the right, proven connectivity to a multitude of data sources.

You build your application. You use off-the-shelf drivers or custom-build a driver. We test, recommend, review and validate the drivers with your applications or – for an approach that pumps up your software quality and customer experience, we integrate with your product testing team, participating in your product testing, defect tracking, and reporting processes.

The right skill sets for the right value, based on your needs. That’s the Simba way.

Why Simba Integration & Certification?

  • Amp up product quality
  • Decrease time to market
  • Reduce cost of ownership

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The details

  • Decrease time to market:
    • Black box GUI or API testing to confirm product/driver interaction, or testing efforts integrated with your testing team and defect tracking systems to speed defect management
    • ODBC/JDBC driver testing on your RC and GA product release schedules
    • Your specified test scripts that Simba executes, or Simba develops and executes tests scripts from your specifications
    • Automation of testing process to reduce testing time
      • Detailed test reports following each test cycle – either standard process or automated into your corporate product quality reporting and dashboards


  • Reduce cost of ownership by freeing up your resources and having Simba experts:
    • Set up and manage various Big Data and/or SaaS data sources
    • Set up and manage your hosted application test environment
      • Simba also supports the application test environment you host, providing access to Big Date sources hosted in the Simba environment
    • Manage required test data in the various data sources
  • Flexible model for your development and sales needs, whereby – based on your needs, Simba experts:
    • Grant your product development team access to Simba-hosted Big Data data sources for development testing
    • Grant your pre-sales team access to Simba hosted Big Data data sources
  • Expertise:
    • Expert testing team with 35+ years of combined experience in web and application testing
    • Significant background producing automated testing scripts and frameworks on Windows, Linux and Mac
    • Deep experience testing BI applications like Oracle BI, MicroStrategy, Cognos, BusinessObjects, Excel, etc.

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