On this Web Clinic, Sales Engineering Manager, Jeff Bayntun shows how you can get useful, usable data from multiple data sources to accelerate and drive more meaningful analytics.

This Web Clinic is for you if you:

  • Experience frustration in dealing with numerous – and disparate – data sources.
  • Have to report on live data.
  • Spend more time getting data rather than analyzing data.
  • Struggle to deliver value to the varied lines of business such as Finance, Marketing & Sales within your organization due to data access challenges.

BI and analytics can provide companies with the insight needed to differentiate and kick their competitive position into high gear. In fact, Forrester has said these insight-driven companies are expected to steal $1.2 trillion in 2020 from their competition.

Will you be one of the companies that leverages data and analytics to its advantage? Or will you lose revenue to the competition? Don’t let data connectivity woes derail your BI and analytics efforts – leverage Magnitude’s Simba data access solutions.