Concur handles expense reports. A LOT of expense reports. Think billions. As the world’s leading provider of spend management solutions and services, Concur delivers scalable T&E services for millions of companies from small to F100. And that requires processing a LOT of data. Think trillions.

For analytics at such a massive scale, Concur’s leaders looked to Apache Spark for data-processing power, to parent company SAP’s Lumira for BI analysis, and to Simba Technologies for ODBC connectivity. The result? A screamingly-fast, exceptionally-efficient data-analysis workflow model that has simplified their analytics and accelerated speed to insight.

In this engaging, interactive webinar, stakeholders from Concur, the SAP Lumira team, and Simba Technologies will discuss and demo Concur’s Lumira-Simba-Spark use case, with emphasis on proscriptive approach and lessons learned. By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to connect Lumira to Spark using Simba’s ODBC driver. But more importantly, you’ll understand the tangible business benefits your organization can enjoy with the pairing of Spark’s data-processing acceleration and SAP Lumira’s analytics power.