Apache Drill is the groundbreaking schema-free SQL query engine for Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud storage. Drill gives today’s data scientists instant, self-service analytics on multiple data sources, coupled with the convenience of not having to load data, manage schemas, or pre-process data. Drill version 1.0 is now available with the MapR Distribution including Hadoop.

But is the ideal of self-service data access practical in an era of heterogeneous, disparate data? Spoiler alert: Yes.

In this enlightening, interactive webinar, stakeholders from MapR, the SAP Lumira team, and Simba Technologies will introduce Apache Drill analytics for the real world, emphasizing the business case and value proposition of Apache Drill. They’ll show how to establish Drill connectivity to drive meaningful, data-assisted decision-making in the connected enterprise. The webinar will conclude with a brief demo highlighting the analytics power of Lumira connecting to a MapR Apache Drill instance.