Here’s another in a series of posts on all the ways you connect anywhere, any time with Tableau. George posted last time about Tableau with Google BigQuery. We did a webinar recently on Tableau and Hadoop, where I showed how to analyze on-time flight information using the publically available FAA data set. We showed this one off at Strata.

After Strata came the Teradata Partners conference. This was another exciting event and a great way to show all the things you can do with MDX clients, including Tableau. I’ve posted before a step-by-step guide for creating geospatial visualization in Tableau for the Teradata OLAP Connector, but the screenshots don’t really do the product justice. The demo shows just how easy it is to build up some cool visualizations. The FAA data set is a fun one to explore and the demo shows how to build up a quick dashboard in only a few minutes.

Here’s the video. Enjoy.